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I am a Software Entrepreneur

Owning your own software development business comes with its own unique set of challenges, from finding new clients and working successfully with the clients you already have, to having the confidence and communication skills to establish your brand in an already highly competitive market place.

These are challenges we’ve faced too, and we can help you overcome them and take your business from success to success.

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I manage Software Developers

Managing a software development team can be a tricky business. Imagine how much more successful your team could be if they communicated more effectively with you, your clients and each other. How many incredible gains would you make if they could manage their own stress, work together more cohesively and problem solve more creatively? You wouldn’t only see a huge uptick in their productivity and overall job satisfaction, your life would be easier too.

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I want to be a Software Entrepreneur

Here’s the good news. You don’t need to have any developer experience to become a successful Software Entrepreneur. But what you do need, before anything else, is a winning software development mindset. Once you learn that mindset, everything else – including the practical skills – will all fall into place, and creating a successful software development business will be second nature to you.

Oh, and there’s more good news – once we’ve shown you the mindset, we can show you the practical skills too.

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Software Entrepreneur

You already possess the software development skills, but that’s only part of running your own software development business. To be a successful Software Entrepreneur, you need to know so much more. We’ll show you:
  • How to win new clients

  • How to build positive business relationships
  • How to communicate, network and present confidently and effectively

  • How to resolve disputes
  • How to understand the difference between being a developer and being a user and how to switch your mindset between both

  • How to manage your time and resources, and find the balance between being a developer, being a business owner, and still enjoy a real life outside of your office
  • Software Development Manager

    As a manager, you already know how important it is to establish clear lines of communication at all times. You also know how important it is to keep your team supported and motivated so that they’ll be able to meet targets, accomplish their goals and keep your clients coming back for more. In fact, there’s only one hitch to that plan: software developers are a breed amongst themselves, and knowing how to manage them effectively can be a daily challenge. We’ll show you:
  • Why the software development mindset is so different from any other way of thinking, and how to crack its code to create better understanding between you and your team

  • How to build the strongest, most cohesive and productive software development team possible
  • How to improve communication between you, your team and your clients

  • How to adjust your communication model so you can understand (and be understood) by your team more easily than ever
  • How to identify the blocks you may not be aware of that are holding your developers back

  • How to support your developers most effectively when things go wrong
  • Becoming a Software Entrepreneur

    You’re new to the industry, but you want to make your impact in the biggest way possible – by starting your own business and learning everything you need to know ‘on the job’. Although that’s to be applauded, it’s also an incredibly risky strategy. However, with the right mindset you’ll already be leaps and bounds ahead of most of your competition. We’ll show you:
  • Where to start, and what to learn first

  • How to learn faster and more efficiently
  • How to think like a successful software developer even while you’re still acquiring the practical skills

  • How to inspire confidence in your prospective new clients, even though you don’t have other developers’ experience
  • How to network confidently with established developers, and how to learn from their successes and failures

  • How to find the correct balance between running your business, learning your skills, establishing your brand and taking time out to enjoy a real life